Valentine’s Day Every Day

by silvermarc on April 1, 2019

I was commissioned to create two unique wedding bands.  Most couples will try on different rings to see how they fit before they decide to commission me to make a ring.  In this case the couple tried on several bands, and as soon as she tried on a ruby and diamond ring, he told her he liked it “because then it’ll be like Valentine’s day for you every day.”

For his ring, he liked the idea of a knot style design, but did not want a Celtic symbol.  But a similar symbol, the “Sangha” symbol, had deeper meaning.  A Sangha is a community of like minded people, who listen deeply and speak kindly to each other.  Adding this symbol to a wedding band supported their idea that their marriage would be a “Sangha of Two.”

After many tries we got the designs just right and now they are on their way to a lifetime of Valentine’s Days!

Tip:  When custom making a ring, you should try on many different styles first to get a true sense of what you like.

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