Unique oval engagement ring

by silvermarc on February 4, 2019

Most of the engagement rings I make are with round brilliant cut diamonds.  This is the most popular shape of diamonds.  But sometimes I get introduced to a couple who want to put a twist on the classic engagement ring.  This is one such story.

I heard from a lovely couple who were told “talk to whoever you want, but before you make a decision, talk to Jane” by his boss, who happens to be a contact of mine.  Upon meeting them they told me exactly what they wanted – they had done their research – they knew the shape, the color, and the clarity of the diamond they wanted, as well as the ring design.  But because they knew what they wanted they told me no rush – they wanted to find the perfect diamond before moving on to the next steps.

When custom making a piece of jewelry you always create the model around the gem, so the first task was to find the diamond.  Because of a very good contact of mine, I was able to find a diamond that was to their specifications at a very good price.  The next step was to create the model around the diamond.  Once it was done and it was approved by the couple I was able to cast it in 18 karat yellow gold and fit it perfectly to her finger.  The final ring design was exactly what they wanted.  With the ring on her finger they were able to make the official announcement to friends and family they’d all been waiting for!

Tip:  There are four C’s to grading a diamond.  Color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.  Most people concentrate on clarity and color, but overlook the cut.  This is a very important characteristic.  Please contact me on how to properly read a gemologic report.

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