Transforming a bracelet in to a beloved necklace

by silvermarc on July 2, 2018

I met with a lovely attorney who has a very successful practice in midtown Manhattan.  She told me that a while back she was gifted an emerald and gold bracelet that she disliked and would never, ever wear.  She asked me for my design expertise in to how to fashion the bracelet in to a wearable piece of jewelry.

I came up with a design using the emerald settings shown below and incorporating them in to an open link necklace.  We placed each emerald on a link of of the necklace so when she wears it you see the emeralds and gold.

She wanted a piece that she can wear during the day as well as evening, and this design satisfies both.  This is something that she’ll wear for many years.

Tip:  Emeralds have natural oils in them, so never put them in jewelry cleaning or an ultrasonic bath.  Have them professionally steamed as well as treated with oil if needed.

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