To sell, or not to sell…

by silvermarc on January 21, 2019

To sell, or not to sell, that is the question.

I’m always asked “should I sell my jewelry collection, or should I keep it?”  The answer is not that simple.  Is it something that reminds you of a loved one?  Or is just a piece of jewelry that you haven’t been enjoying for many years?

I have two examples of just this situation.  One – I was contacted by a lovely woman whose husband bought her numerous pieces of jewelry over the course of their marriage, but she doesn’t see herself wearing them any longer.  She kept a few pieces that she loved and the rest she asked me to sell.  Due to the fact that the price of gold is high, I was able to negotiate well on behalf of my client.  Over the course of a month I sold each piece separately and got her very high prices for her collection.  

Two – A woman who had her grandmother and great-grandmother’s jewelry that she has never worn.  These were signed pieces of jewelry that fetch a higher price than an item that is not signed.  Again, since gold was at a high, I was able to negotiate a very good price on her behalf.  

I suggest that you go through your jewelry on a periodic basis to see which pieces you actually wear and which  have meaning to you.  If you aren’t wearing it, consider whether you’d like to redesign it or sell it.  Contact me for either option – I specialize in the redesign of fine jewelry – or I can use my expertise to negotiate the highest price on your behalf.

Tip:  As you follow the stock market, I suggest you also follow the price of gold, as I do.  

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