“Jane took the time to really understand what I wanted in an anniversary present. She listened patiently, answered all my questions, presented me with options, and helped me make the right decision. My wife absolutely loved it! Jane is passionate about her work and it shows. With Jane, you get more than just a jeweler, you get a partner.”

Eli G., NYC


Like the gorgeous gems Jane Becker works with, her talents are multi-faceted. She’s an excellent designer, both when creating a piece for a client from scratch or transforming their heirloom from something they never wear into their favorite piece of jewelry. Aside from her creative abilities, her work as a jewelry appraiser is informed by her years of training as a gemologist as well as her extensive experience on the manufacturing side of the industry. If you have inherited a family members jewelry and wish to sell the pieces, Jane’s expertise in estate sales, hard-working nature and personal relationships and connections in the industry will get you the best prices in the shortest time frame. Clients of hers say that her professionalism and honesty are peerless and those qualities, coupled with her positive attitude and caring make her very easy to work with. On top of that, while working with you, she is extremely responsive and accommodating. Do I recommend Jane for all of the above reasons? Absolutely! 

Allyn Bacher, Graphic Designer


I had a diamond and sapphire ring from my grandmother. The ring unfortunately did not fit me and the jewels needed to be cleaned/polished. Jane talked me through different options for turning this heirloom piece into a necklace that I could wear for work or special occasions. Her ideas were a great way to use jewelry that had sentimental value and re-imagine it as something I would be able to wear! I am thrilled with the necklace and look forward to wearing it often. She used all of the diamonds and sapphires from the original ring.

Jane was wonderful to work with, and communicated different options (and their prices) very clearly. I had input throughout the process, and the finished piece looked even more amazing than I imagined. I can’t recommend Jane highly enough!

Sarah R., Attorney


I have been working with Jane Becker for the past few years and she is wonderful. She completely understands my style and aesthetic and has designed and redesigned pieces for both me and my daughter that we will wear for years to come. She is full of creative ideas. I have seen the work she has done for some of my friends as well and the pieces are just beautiful. I highly recommend Jane. She is truly a fine jewelry designer.

Davida Perry, Employment Attorney


I recently contacted Jane to inquire about selling some of my late mother’s jewelry. The very first thing that impressed me was how quickly she responded to my email. This was not simply a one-off response–this is the way she does business. Not only does she answer emails promptly, she is honest, caring, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable. Jane knows the jewelry business inside and out and, since she has been in the business for many years, has a wealth of excellent connections that she was able to access not only to get the jewelry sold, but at the best possible price. Moreover, she understands that we all have busy, complicated lives, and she went out of her way to make our meetings easy to schedule and conveniently located. From our very first contact I had no doubt that I was in the best possible hands and that I would be well taken care of, and I was. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough. She is a person of great integrity and I would not hesitate for a moment to call on her again. 

Lisa Jablow


I had a terrible experience having my necklace re-strung. JANE BECKER solved my problem in a timely manner, for a reasonable cost. Now JANE BECKER of JB JEWELS is my go-to person for any jewelry and/or appraisal need. SHE’s TERRIFIC! I’d trust her with anything. 

Lili White


I met Jane Becker a few years ago to help me with some family jewelry that I never wore as they were not my style.  She was able to take some of it and sell for a good price.  And she really hustled to get it sold. We used that money to create beautiful diamond studs that I had wanted for some time.  She tapped into her personal relationships with diamond dealers and wholesalers to get me the best quality for the best price.  She also took some of the old family jewelry and created a beautiful necklace out of it. So all that old jewelry that had been sitting in my closet gathering dust is now converted into something that is my style and I wear regularly.

Another project was taking square diamond studs my husband purchased for me years ago and created a beautiful hanging design.  Most recently, she helped me upgrade my engagement ring for my wedding anniversary.  Once again, she went to her trusted relationships and made sure we got very high quality for a good price.  In fact, she ironically convinced us to spend less because the quality was better for the less expensive piece.

I tend to be on the anxious/paranoid side, especially since there are many untrustworthy people in this business, but I feel very comfortable working with Jane. I tell all my friends about her because I feel that she is very responsive, reliable, punctual, trustworthy, creative, hardworking and patient.  Thanks Jane!

Carol, NYC


My husband wanted to give me something really special for my birthday and Jane turned it into reality. I owned an antique diamond band that I wanted to re-purpose into a necklace. I brought a sample piece to show Jane what we had in mind and she instantly grasped what we were after. She designed and delivered an elegant gold and diamond necklace.

But what to do with the leftover stones from the diamond band? Jane proposed earrings that matched the graceful curve of the diamond bar of the necklace. After admiring a beautiful stone Jane was wearing, we also purchased a charming freshwater pearl and pink quartz choker—one of Jane’s original designs! There was no “up-sell” from Jane. She is a total professional with excellent taste and great ideas. She has our highest recommendation.

 Hildy & Tom DeFalco


“Such a wonderful experience and pleasure to work with Jane. She helped design and manufacture a beautiful ring for my lovely wife on our 20 th Wedding Anniversary!

I challenged Jane to match the quality of the gold and diamonds on my wife’s Tiffany Engagement ring and because my wife is of Colombian heritage, Jane was certain that the emeralds came from Colombia. She helped make our 20th a magical celebration and you should be so lucky to have Jane work with you on your next Jewelry purchase!”  

Ken Sassano, Sales Executive


“Jane Becker is truly a pleasure to work with. Jane is very talented, professional, savvy, knowledgeable, highly ethical and easy to work with. I would recommend Jane to any jewelry buyer, business entity, or individual without any hesitation.”  

Gail Auger, CEO


“I have had the delight of recently working with Jane Becker.  I asked Jane to design a piece of jewelry, sell sterling silver pieces from an estate, precious stone and gold jewelry manufactured by my late husband, and gold and silver scraps and pieces from my husband’s business. Within two days she had a check for the sterling and excellent offers for me for the jewelry and scraps.  A lovely, trustworthy and honest woman – an absolute pleasure to do business with.”  

Phyllis G. Pawlovsky

 “We met with Jane about week before my daughter’s wedding to discuss if it was possible to wear the diamonds she inherited from her grandmother in a new setting on her wedding day. (It also happened to be the week before Xmas and New Years). Jane said “Anything is possible!”  She came with catalogues and we viewed websites together for comparison and inspiration. Jane remarkably worked within our budget and expertly advised us. The next day she forwarded us a few earring settings based on our meeting. We chose one of the beautiful settings — and to our amazement and great joy — it was ready three days before the wedding! It was stunning and my daughter was thrilled. We are extremely grateful to Jane for expediting this project and guiding her team to make this possible. Her commitment, positive energy and devotion is unparalleled.”  

PW, New York, NY


Jane Becker is the queen of jewelry! She can transform your old pieces into beautiful new works of art. She is a certified gemologist and even an appraiser so she truly knows her thing about jewelry. As an entrepreneur with integrity, and a great sense of humor, I recommend that everyone use Jane’s services. I have and am! You won’t be disappointed!

Precious L. Williams


When I looked at my deceased mother-in-law’s emerald ring surrounded by diamonds, I knew it was not for me. Jane separated the precious stones and re-fashioned them in new pieces. I now have a necklace with the emerald and diamonds, plus diamond stud earrings, for special occasions. My daughter has a diamond wedding band. Plus there are diamonds to spare. Jane was attentive and creative throughout the process of making jewelry that I and my daughter WILL wear. Highly recommend!

Janet Falk, Media Relations 



Jane Becker is the consummate professional: experienced and knowledgeable, with a keen appreciation for detail. Her exemplary customer service and open-hearted approach insure client satisfaction. I highly recommend J.B. Jewels for “baubles” large and small. 

Marcie S. Gitlin


“I was going to surprise my wife for her birthday by rebuilding her damaged wedding band, which obviously has great sentimental value.  When I met with Jane, she was organized and helpful, explaining every step of the process and providing me with several options affecting the cost and the timing to get the project done right.  When she took possession of the ring she provided me with a receipt and let me know how it would be stored during the process, which gave me immense comfort.  Throughout the process Jane sent me multiple emails to keep me up to speed on the status of things and the expected completion date.  All this without my asking her to do so.  The finished product was, of course, magnificent and made my wife very happy. I would recommend Jane to anyone and everyone.  Trust, Value and Professionalism are hard to come by.”

Gary Eisenberg, Attorney


“Jane is a talented jeweler with the natural skill of an artist.  My grandmother’s antique crystal earrings had been sitting in a drawer after I lost a post and had no clue how to fix it. She replaced the post and polished the crystals and it was a chance to rediscover the joy of long-ago memories again. I’m looking forward to working with her on other broken treasures I had just put aside.”

Janet Andrew, Communications Consultant


Not only is Jane Becker an exquisite jewelry designer, she has extensive expertise in the science of gemology — studying, cutting, valuing, buying and selling precious stones. She miraculously transforms heirloom pieces into stunning works of art. Suddenly, you’re choosing outfits around your jewelry, not the other way around.

Have you inherited jewelry that you’d like appraised? Have you considered selling a few of those pieces? Do you have valuable keepsakes (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets) that you never wear? What if you could transform those pieces into your favorite jewelry that you never want to take off?

Jane Becker is a rare find. She’s professional, trustworthy and stands by her motto, “Unless I will wear the jewelry myself, I will not sell or deliver it to my clients.”

Teri Scheinzeit, Business Coach


Jane Becker of JB Jewels can help you with all your jewelry needs. Her attention to detail and creativity shines whether she is designing a new piece or getting the best price when you are ready to sell. What makes her so unique is how well she observes each client’s individual style to ensure she provides the creation even better than their dreams. Also a jewelry appraiser, contact Jane to update your insurance coverage. 

Beth Rowan, Emergency Preparedness


Visit Jane’s website, www.jbjewels.com, to see and experience the wonderful personal stories of heirloom pieces redefined into today’s living history. Her creative eye along with years of training as a gemologist and work on the manufacturing side give her that special expertise to help you design something brand new or lovingly transform your heirloom. Jane is also available for appraisals and help with estate sales.

Mary Ann Hay, Actress, Distributor at Send Out Cards


Jane specializes in jewelry design, redesign, and appraisals. She is extremely knowledgeable, smart, funny, and incredibly creative. If you have a family heirloom sitting around that you never wear; turn to Jane to have it redesigned or sold!

Caren Kabot, Luxury Travel