Diamonds Don’t Spoil

by Jane Becker on October 29, 2020

Last year I was commissioned to create a diamond ring using diamonds from an antique bracelet. (Link to that post here.

My custom creation was admired by another woman who wanted a similar but unique design for herself.  She too had antique jewelry she was no longer wearing, but loved the idea of reworking the diamonds. 

As we know, no two pieces of jewelry are alike, and even similar pieces look different on different people. 

I was honored to be able to create something based off of one of my own designs. 

We started at the beginning of 2020, just before the pandemic arrived. Even though I wasn’t able to produce her ring initially, due to safety concerns, we kept in touch on a regular basis. As soon as the fine jewelry market re-opened, I was able to pick up the casting I’d had made months earlier, and proceeded to have the diamonds set. 

In the following photo, you can see my initial diamond layout. 

From there, I had a custom model designed, and then the ring was cast in platinum. When I delivered it to her, she was so excited that all she kept saying was, “I hope it fits, I hope it fits, I hope it fits.”  And of course, it did, perfectly.

See how similar they are? And yet, they truly are two completely different rings.

Click here for the unboxing video on Instagram: 

TIP: I always say that “Diamonds Don’t Spoil.”   If you have diamonds in a piece of jewelry you are no longer enjoying, they are still valuable and can be recreated into jewelry that you will want to wear every day. Reach out to me with any questions.

Take Care, Jane

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Why Custom Engagement Rings Are Best

by Jane Becker on August 24, 2020

I’m so happy for my friends when they get engaged that I don’t necessarily need them to hire me to custom make their engagement ring, because my friendship is more important to me than the sale.   With that in mind, this particular couple trusted I would make exactly what they wanted, in the right time frame, at the right price. As I say, “It’s not my money, it’s yours, and you’re the boss.”   She had found a style she really liked from another retailer and asked me to appraise the ring, but we found it was less valuable than what they paid. Our solution was for me to recreate the style with cleaner and larger diamonds.

I called one of my favorite diamond dealers who generously put a collection of emerald cut diamonds together, reminding me that he doesn’t do this for anybody else (he usually gives me the diamonds and says “Good luck, let me know what the client says,”) but this time he invited all of us into his office outside of the diamond factory.

We scheduled three meetings to take place over four hours and all four of us sat and found the perfect center diamond, two matching emerald cut diamonds that flanked the center, and twelve smaller diamonds for the shank of the ring. He custom made the setting in under a week so that the third time she came, she was able to put something on her finger.

The original diamond they looked at had so much fluorescence (fluorescence refers to a diamond’s tendency to emit a blue glow when subjected to ultraviolet light) that it diminished the value of the diamond.

Interesting to Note: Most jewelers stay away from flourescent diamonds, but if you’re going through some retailers, they don’t necessarily tell you this. My clients had no idea until we pointed it out to them.

We found the larger emerald cuts with no flourescence and had to sort through 150 smaller diamonds to find twelve that did not flouresce for the shank.

 My goal is to educate my clients so they know exactly what they are getting. Most people focus on color and clarity, but it’s also about the cut and carat weight, and then further, when you read a gemalogic report, all the other fine points of buying a diamond that a gem expert like myself can point out to you.

TIP: Remember when you’re washing your hands to use care with your rings, and to wash underneath them, not just on top of them. I’ve gotten into the habit when I get home of taking off my shoes, then my jewelry, and then washing my hands. Wishing you all safety and good health! – Jane

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