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One Request, Four Solutions

by silvermarc on February 7, 2021

I was recently engaged by a client who was referred to me by a property and casualty insurance broker who wanted all her documents in order before the end of 2020, which meant updating her insurance. I was called in to appraise her fine jewelry. 

An appraisal is a legal valuation document that I provide to my clients stating the full description (weights and measures) of each piece along with documentary photographs. Depending on the need, there are three types of appraisals:

• Insurance

• Donation

• Estate

Once the document is produced by a compliant appraiser (which I am), it is a legal representation of the value of the jewelry being appraised, and is valid for ten years.

Jane Becker Fine Jewelry Designer and Appraiser at Work

We took a look at a pearl ring she purchased overseas. Then, as often happens with my clients, she found two more rings she wanted appraised, followed by the discovery of a fourth ring that needed a gemstone to be added to it. 

The appraisals were done in three days, and her repair is scheduled for two weeks from now. I enjoy when things like this happen; we started with one request and ended up with four solutions.

Reach out if you’d like to have a conversation, let me know exactly what you need done, and I can give you an idea of pricing and how long it will take.

Take Care ~ Jane    (212) 923-3328


A Heart Shaped Tradition

by silvermarc on February 7, 2021


A while back, I met a newly married couple at a community event. We were fortunate to sit next to them during a meal ~ remember being face to face? We exchanged stories about what we did for a living and the next thing I knew, she was asking me to help her with a special project.

In her family, there is a tradition of cutting heart shaped sections out of a single piece of china and making them into necklaces that the women of the family can wear in celebration of a marriage.

Working with fine china presents a unique challenge: it is not flat, it is curved. We had to customize a setting deep enough to securely hold the china and flat enough on the back for comfort and engravability. She also asked for diamonds to be set around the heart shape. Adding diamonds posed another challenge: we had to make sure there was enough gold surrounding the center section to hold each diamond securely.  

We collaborated on the design, the metal, the quality of the diamonds, and the bail (which is the little loop that connects a pendant to the chain). I shared my knowledge and expertise of the mechanics of jewelry design, and came up with this one of kind piece. 

I’ve never seen anything like this before, or since!

Heart Shape China and Diamonds Pendant by JB Jewels #finejewelryredefined

What is your family tradition? If you don’t have one yet, what would you like to create for yourself? I’d love to help you.

Tip: When working with several different materials, how you clean the materials becomes very important. The china will respond to mild soap and water, but the gold and diamonds need specialized care.

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Jane    (212) 923-3328