One Request, Four Solutions

by silvermarc on February 7, 2021

I was recently engaged by a client who was referred to me by a property and casualty insurance broker who wanted all her documents in order before the end of 2020, which meant updating her insurance. I was called in to appraise her fine jewelry. 

An appraisal is a legal valuation document that I provide to my clients stating the full description (weights and measures) of each piece along with documentary photographs. Depending on the need, there are three types of appraisals:

• Insurance

• Donation

• Estate

Once the document is produced by a compliant appraiser (which I am), it is a legal representation of the value of the jewelry being appraised, and is valid for ten years.

Jane Becker Fine Jewelry Designer and Appraiser at Work

We took a look at a pearl ring she purchased overseas. Then, as often happens with my clients, she found two more rings she wanted appraised, followed by the discovery of a fourth ring that needed a gemstone to be added to it. 

The appraisals were done in three days, and her repair is scheduled for two weeks from now. I enjoy when things like this happen; we started with one request and ended up with four solutions.

Reach out if you’d like to have a conversation, let me know exactly what you need done, and I can give you an idea of pricing and how long it will take.

Take Care ~ Jane    (212) 923-3328