New life for Mom’s and Grandma’s rings

by silvermarc on January 7, 2019

As an appraiser I’m invited to many events to learn about different techniques in appraising jewelry as well as art.  While I was at one such event, I met a lovely gentleman who mentioned to me that his wife has diamond rings that she inherited that she is no longer enjoying.  One ring was from her mother that was an anniversary band that had broken, and the other, from her grandmother, was a diamond ring in an antique setting.

This was an easy fix for me.  I remade the anniversary band and we looked for a contemporary design for the antique ring that she was attracted to.  We went through my collection of jewelry and she loved one of my designs.  I reconfigured my design to fit her diamonds.  The finished product is a new white gold ring with her grandmother’s diamonds.

Tip: to keep your diamonds looking bright, periodically clean them in a soapy solution or have them steamed out.

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