Lesley’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

by silvermarc on December 4, 2017

A good friend of mine referred me to his brother who wanted to get engaged and create a unique ring for his girlfriend.  Bob and I spoke several times about the design that he wanted.  He chose one of my designs, the only issue was that he lives in California and I am here in New York City.  Not a problem!  Bob sent me photos of his girlfriend Lesley so I could match a sapphire to her beautiful blue eyes.  When Lesley and Bob visited New York City we met and Bob introduced me to Lesley as “the jeweler who will design your engagement ring.”

We had a lovely champagne toast and I started my work.  I had several large oval sapphires to show them, but kept on searching for the perfect gem.  Several months later I found the perfect sapphire and I created the ring around the gem.  With the help of Bob’s brother who is based in New York City, he approved one of the gems I chose.

The ring was designed, shipped to California, and arrived in more than enough time for the wedding.

Tip: Sapphires are 9 on the hardness scale while diamonds are 10.  A diamond can scratch a sapphire so keep your jewelry in an appropriate jewelry box to prevent damage.

Contact me for jewelry boxes.

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