From Many Rings, One Distinct Design

by silvermarc on August 6, 2018

A while back a lovely gentleman had an idea to create a one of a kind ring.  He inherited a lot of rings from various members of his family, and wanted to create one special ring to honor them all.  He had an idea of creating a ring that looked like the surface of the moon.  One crater sized design encrusted with diamonds.

The final ring is a concave design with various sized diamonds in a heavy gold setting.  The final weight of the ring is more than an ounce of gold; it is a very large, dramatic design.  You will not see anyone else wearing anything like it!

If you want to have a ring that you won’t see anywhere else, let’s talk.

Tip:  To keep the diamonds in your rings very shiny, have your rings cleaned on a regular basis.  If you are unsure about how often to clean your rings, give me a call!

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