Everyday a Rainbow

by silvermarc on January 6, 2020

People always say to me, how did you get in to the jewelry business?  When I was a young woman I loved rocks which led me to study geology.  I loved mineralogy, and that led me to gemology.  Sitting with my head in a microscope and analyzing gems was a particular talent of mine which led my professor to say “you’d be great in the jewelry industry.”  Fast forward – here we are.

A client of mine was interested in a current trend of “rainbow” jewelry – multiple varying colored stones in one piece.  In her case she was looking for a ring but couldn’t find one with the shape and colors she was seeking.  We sat down and discussed what might go in to the ring.  I suggested several stones, including pink tourmaline.  It turned out to be exactly what she wanted even though she’d never heard of it.

Some people can visualize, but others need to see a physical rendering of what we are talking about.  I am able to work with both kinds of clients – and in this case the client and I met and I showed her the gold casting of the ring before the stones were placed so she could see the proportions of the ring and feel it on her finger.  We sat with the stones and worked on the placement of the colors where she could see them side by side.  Once she was happy I took all the elements of the ring to be completed.

Tip:  Speaking to a gemologist can give you insight in to gemstones that you’ve never even heard of!  Call me to find your perfect gems!


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