Emerald and Diamond Ring

by silvermarc on November 13, 2017

I was recently contacted by a lovely woman who inherited several pieces of jewelry.  My client preferred that I travel to her home to appraise each item.  She told me that most of the jewelry was not her style and wanted to sell it, but there was one special emerald and diamond ring that she loved. 

She wanted me to design a new and contemporary piece out of her ring.  Her style is simple and elegant, so I drew three distinct necklace designs that she could choose from. We used the emerald and some of the diamonds for the necklace and with some of the extra diamonds I created matching diamond earrings.  We sold the gold from the pieces she did not want which covered the total cost of creating her new jewelry.

Several months later, her daughter got engaged and wanted to create a new diamond wedding band.  We used several of the diamonds from the same emerald ring to create her wedding band.

Out of one ring we created three distinct pieces of jewelry.

Appraisals were given for the necklace, earrings, the ring, and several pieces of jewelry that I repaired.  This appraisal can be used for insurance purposes.

Tip: when caring for your emeralds never put them in any cleaning solution as it will draw the natural oils away from the emerald and ruin the gem.

Contact me on how to care for your emeralds.


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