Dear Jane, help me with my ring!

by silvermarc on May 7, 2018

One nice thing about having a monthly newsletter is that I reconnect with people I haven’t spoken to in a while.  A perfect example of this is that I was contacted by a wonderful woman who loves colored stone jewelry just as much as I do.  For years she had this lime citrine ring.  She loved the center gemstone but really didn’t like the setting.

I met her at her home and we discussed what kind of design she likes and how we could recreate her ring.  She wants to be able to wear her jewelry everyday so I didn’t want to create something that would be just for evening.  

Another concern was that the original ring sat up very high on her finger and this ring she wanted to be set lower so it doesn’t interfere with everyday work.  Since I have the same gemstone ring, we compared my ring with hers and I designed a new ring using some components from my design. 

The finished product was exactly what she wanted and she was thrilled when I delivered it.  We have another project we are working on together, stay tuned for the details!

Tip:  When a ring is polished it looks great.  To keep it that shiny and new, store it in a little bag or box so it doesn’t get scratched next to other pieces.

To clean your jewelry, contact me!

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