Custom Creations

A good friend bought this beautiful tanzanite and diamond ring.  She wanted a matching pair of earrings to wear to her brother’s wedding.  We wanted to keep a similar design to the ring where we incorporated marquise and round shaped diamonds. 
A while back a lovely gentleman hahad inherited a lot of rings from various members of his family, and wanted to create one special ring to honor them all. He had an idea of creating a ring that looked like the surface of the moon. 
My client inherited this lovely ring from her grandmother but felt the style was a little dated. We designed a ring and a pair of earrings using all the gold and garnets from her grandmother’s ring. 
I met with a lovely attorney who told me that a while back she was gifted an emerald and gold bracelet that she would never, ever wear. She asked me for my design expertise in to how to fashion the bracelet in to a wearable piece of jewelry. She wanted a piece that she can wear during the day as well as evening, and this design satisfies both. 
I was contacted by this wonderful woman who inherited her mother’s blue topaz jewelry, which was her birthstone, and she wanted to redesign it to remember her mother. The best part is that she’s wearing her mother’s jewelry, and because she had enough gold to cover the cost of the redesign, she didn’t have to pay out of pocket. 
I was contacted by a wonderful woman who loves colored stone jewelry just as much as I do. For years she had this lime citrine ring. She loved the center gemstone but really didn’t like the setting. 
My client was gifted a ring from her favorite aunt. The ring was in a platinum setting with two diamonds, one on each side, but with no center gem. She wanted to keep her aunt close so the best design for her was to create a necklace that would be close to her heart. 
One of my clients went to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be exact, and bought several gems planning on giving them to her mother. Turns out her mom didn’t like the gems she chose, so they sat in her drawer for ten years. When we met, she showed me the gemstones and I immediately knew what I could make with them: two square blue topaz, perfect for a pair of earrings. 
I met a lovely woman who was looking for a very specific gold and diamond necklace. I was able to take her silver necklace and recreate it in to a gold and diamond piece. During our conversations she admired my lime citrine necklace and asked me to produce that for her as well. We used a rose quartz gem and fresh water pearls to create this one of a kind necklace.
I created this surprise anniversary gift to match her pearl wedding band.  I crafted this ring just from a photograph.  Since she is part Columbian I used Columbian Emeralds in the design.
I was commissioned to create this one of a kind sapphire and diamond engagement ring to match Lesley’s beautiful blue eyes.
Inherited Emerald and Diamond ring from Grandma was translated into a necklace, wedding band for her granddaughter, and coordinating earrings.
For a special birthday I recreated this older yellow gold engagement ring into a contemporary ring.
This classic setting was fashioned from the platinum and one-carat diamond of the original, to which 86 full-cut diamonds were added, creating a completely new and elegant engagement ring.
A classic cameo is redefined in a modern setting, so it can be worn either as a brooch or a pendant. The simple strand of pearls attaches to create a uniquely captivating necklace.
The original look was updated by this contemporary clasp, with one of the original diamonds reset into it to highlight its uniquely contemporary expression.