Wearing Two Hats: Appraisal And Design

by Jane Becker on August 3, 2020

I love what I do as a designer and a fine jewelry appraiser. They are not the same skillset, but they overlap in unexpected ways.

When I first met this client, she was referred to me by an insurance broker. She had two pairs of earrings, lost one of each pair, and needed a legal appraisal to submit to her insurance company in order to claim her loss.
We submitted it, and she received the total value of her earrings. She was so happy with my work, she mentioned she had some pieces of jewelry that she was no longer wearing and needed to sell. To my surprise, I arrived at her apartment to find the entire dining room table covered with jewelry.
I appraised 38 pieces and took my time negotiating the best prices for her jewelry. Two and a half months later, we completed the project despite the fact that she and her husband were traveling around the world.
There was one piece in her collection she really liked and wanted to keep – a tanzanite ring surrounded with diamonds set in 22K gold that she had purchased years before in Mumbai.
My suggestion was that we redesign the piece.
finished redesign tanzanite pendant jane becker #finejewelryredefined
The Finished 18K Yellow Gold Tanzanite Pendant #jbjewels

We created a pendant design out of the tanzanite gem, using an 18K yellow gold with a classic chain so it could be worn two different lengths.

Even when I am working on appraisals and the selling of estates, there may be a special piece that you really like. My unique capability as an appraiser and a designer allows you a choice:

You have the option to redesign, as well as sell, your jewelry when you work with me.

 TIP: With the current state of the economy, gold prices are at an all-time high. This is the best time to have your jewelry appraised for insurance or for sale. I can travel to you, or we can meet at my Midtown location. Masks are always required. Contact me for an approximate valuation of your collection. 

Take care, Jane   (212) 923-3328 


Art Deco Bracelet To Ring Transformation

by Jane Becker on February 10, 2020

art deco bracelet to ring transformation redesign by jane becker at
Have you ever owned a piece of jewelry that you absolutely loved but couldn’t wear?  I’m thinking of those of you with family heirlooms that are precious but perhaps too heavy, too large or small, or are not comfortable to wear. 

A client of mine had such this exact problem – a beautiful art deco bracelet that pinched her skin. We met at NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) and she reached out knowing I could help her by redesigning this bracelet.

She let me know that she trusted me because she had been following these monthly postings, and offered the challenge – to make a wearable piece out of these beautiful gems. We decided on a ring. 

I had the diamonds removed from the bracelet and we played around with placement designs, making sure to incorporate all the diamonds without looking like a second engagement ring. From there, I scaled one of my designs (on my website, see image 21 of 30) into a visual representation she would love.  We narrowed the band and removed the outer edges of the design for her comfort.

The final ring is exactly what she wanted and something she can wear on a daily basis! She’s one of the best professional organizers I know, and I’m delighted for the piece we created together. It’s such a pleasure when a client turns out to be so gracious; it makes me feel good to work with good people.

Tip:  When creating a custom designed ring for yourself, don’t forget to consider the size and weight of the overall design before going in to final casting.  You wouldn’t want to end up with a ring that you can’t wear!

Contact me directly at to schedule your transformation today.


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