Black Diamond Ring

by silvermarc on March 4, 2019

A good client of mine recently acquired an 18K white gold and black diamond ring.  This ring was originally inspired by the Sex and the City movie, where Mr. Big presents Carrie with a black diamond engagement ring.  My client loved the diamond, but wasn’t really enamored with the style of the setting.

Because I’d worked with this client before, I knew that her preferred style was contemporary.  My job was to design a setting that would match her taste and lifestyle.  Through many iterations of design, she chose this lovely 18K yellow gold and diamond setting.  As soon as I presented it to her she absolutely loved it and hasn’t taken it off her finger since!

Tip: Although black diamonds are opaque, they still refract a certain amount of light, so keep in mind when choosing a setting that you want to make sure that the light still touches them so that your diamond continues to sparkle.

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