Beloved Mother’s Jewelry

by silvermarc on June 4, 2018

One of the best parts about being a jewelry designer is that I get to help to capture the feelings behind every piece.  I was contacted by this wonderful woman who inherited her mother’s blue topaz jewelry, which was her birthstone, and she wanted to redesign it to remember her mother.

After several discussions, she mentioned to me that she had a favorite pair of earrings.  With that in mind, I used the gold and gemstones from her mother’s jewelry to make these unique, one-of-a-kind earrings.  I was able to match the blue topaz gems so the earrings are a perfectly matched pair.

We also had other gems and I made a pendant and a few other pairs of earrings.  We still have blue topaz left so we can continue this project.  The best part is that she’s wearing her mother’s jewelry, and because she had enough gold to cover the cost of the redesign, she didn’t have to pay out of pocket.

Tip:  Topaz are on the softer side, so keep them protected and have them cleaned annually to make sure they stay as brilliant as possible.

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