Bear Hug

by silvermarc on May 6, 2019

This unique bear hug ring (below left) was created for my client’s wife, his “beschert.”  He wanted to give her something for a special occasion that you wouldn’t  find in just any retail store.  Since he likes to give his wife stuffed bears he thought that a bear motif would be fun. 

He showed me this image of two bears on their hind legs (below center) which was his original inspiration.  I worked closely with him to understand his vision, and then I translated this idea into a ring of two bears hugging.  The model ring (below right) was created by my 3D model maker.  Over several drafts we came up with this design, with emphasis on the detail of the bear fur.  Our collaboration as designer and client was complete in this wonderfully unique 14K white gold ring!

Tip:   If you have an idea for a special piece of jewelry with a lot of detail, contact me – I can help!

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