How To Collaborate With Your Designer

by silvermarc on February 7, 2021

I have really enjoyed working with a particular client of mine who has her own sense of color and comes with a considerable amount of design experience.

When we work together, we know one another’s strengths and easily share in the design process. She chooses gems that catch her eye; and I in turn, design around the gemstone, keeping in mind her specific taste, style and aesthetic.

A critical component of a shared design process is always finding out how my clients will wear their jewelry. 

For example, looking at this featured ring: A pinky ring sitting this high on the finger needs a specific choice. This is a delicate style that may get knocked around a bit if the client isn’t aware of when they want to wear it and what activities they’ll be engaged in while wearing it.

She knew she would wear it on her pinky, and so we discussed its exposure, which is greater than when worn on other fingers. My knowledge of the mechanics of jewelry making allowed me to adjust and highlight her preferences and aesthetic for the most successful outcome.

ametrine and diamonds 22k gold pinkie ring by jane becker fine jewelry redefined

Based on my experience, here are some tips for working with a designer: 

Know your strengths and the strengths of your designer.

• Tell your designer what you don’t like, and what you do like.

• Ask your designer to reiterate back to you exactly what you are saying. 

• Ask for them to show you samples and suggestions.

• If they aren’t asking you for input, the process is not really collaborative.

Clearly communicate your taste.

• This client chose to draw pictures for me.

• You can also find images of what you really like and send those via email.

• Or, ask your designer to send images based on what they hear from you and respond with the selections that stand out.

• Give thought to how often you will wear the piece, and what your job is. (Some clients fall in love with a piece only to discover they can’t wear it during their daily life.)

Trust your designer.

• Have confidence that what you have communicated and seen as a sample is exactly what you want.

• If you still aren’t comfortable, ask to be shown a sample at every step of the process. This is what I do with my clients. Some don’t want to see it, some do. It’s all up to you.

• Take the time you need to take. Never make decisions feeling rushed.

• Clear communication is essential in creating a custom piece of jewelry.

Being a jewelry designer with over 35 years of experience in the industry, I can look at a gemstone, know how it needs to be set, and how to design around it. These are my strengths, and I look forward to working with you in 2021.

Take Care ~ Jane    (212) 923-3328


One Request, Four Solutions

by silvermarc on February 7, 2021

I was recently engaged by a client who was referred to me by a property and casualty insurance broker who wanted all her documents in order before the end of 2020, which meant updating her insurance. I was called in to appraise her fine jewelry. 

An appraisal is a legal valuation document that I provide to my clients stating the full description (weights and measures) of each piece along with documentary photographs. Depending on the need, there are three types of appraisals:

• Insurance

• Donation

• Estate

Once the document is produced by a compliant appraiser (which I am), it is a legal representation of the value of the jewelry being appraised, and is valid for ten years.

Jane Becker Fine Jewelry Designer and Appraiser at Work

We took a look at a pearl ring she purchased overseas. Then, as often happens with my clients, she found two more rings she wanted appraised, followed by the discovery of a fourth ring that needed a gemstone to be added to it. 

The appraisals were done in three days, and her repair is scheduled for two weeks from now. I enjoy when things like this happen; we started with one request and ended up with four solutions.

Reach out if you’d like to have a conversation, let me know exactly what you need done, and I can give you an idea of pricing and how long it will take.

Take Care ~ Jane    (212) 923-3328


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