Art Deco Bracelet To Ring Transformation

by silvermarc on February 10, 2020

art deco bracelet to ring transformation redesign by jane becker at
Have you ever owned a piece of jewelry that you absolutely loved but couldn’t wear?  I’m thinking of those of you with family heirlooms that are precious but perhaps too heavy, too large or small, or are not comfortable to wear. 

A client of mine had such this exact problem – a beautiful art deco bracelet that pinched her skin. We met at NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) and she reached out knowing I could help her by redesigning this bracelet.

She let me know that she trusted me because she had been following these monthly postings, and offered the challenge – to make a wearable piece out of these beautiful gems. We decided on a ring. 

I had the diamonds removed from the bracelet and we played around with placement designs, making sure to incorporate all the diamonds without looking like a second engagement ring. From there, I scaled one of my designs (on my website, see image 21 of 30) into a visual representation she would love.  We narrowed the band and removed the outer edges of the design for her comfort.

The final ring is exactly what she wanted and something she can wear on a daily basis! She’s one of the best professional organizers I know, and I’m delighted for the piece we created together. It’s such a pleasure when a client turns out to be so gracious; it makes me feel good to work with good people.

Tip:  When creating a custom designed ring for yourself, don’t forget to consider the size and weight of the overall design before going in to final casting.  You wouldn’t want to end up with a ring that you can’t wear!

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