Jane Becker, owner and founder of JB Jewels, is an accredited appraiser with the American Appraisal Association (AAA) and was trained by the Gemological Institute of America to grade diamonds and colored stones. She is USPAP-compliant and is able to write an appraisal adhering to the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice.

Jane has 35 years in the industry, and as of 2017, 50% of the work that Jane does is in the appraisal arena.

Appraisals may be done for:

  • Estate
  • Insurance
  • Donation

Jewelry appraisals include:

  • Evaluation of precious metals content of each piece of jewelry
  • Grading of diamonds and colored gemstones for color, clarity, cut, carat weight and fair market value
  • With pearls – looking for shape, size, luster, and age of the pearls
  • Determination of craftsmanship
  • Brands of designers
  • Age of each piece
  • The time each piece was manufactured (for example: Art Deco, 1950s, etc)

How appraisals are conducted:

Each piece is examined, weighed, and the gemstones are carefully measured and identified. A full and detailed description is provided. Then, each item is separately photographed as an accurate record. Depending on what type of appraisal is required, an appropriate dollar value is determined. 

Her commitment to you is getting the best price possible.

Email Jane at to schedule your consultation.