An Elegant Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

by silvermarc on November 5, 2018

A very nice woman was here from London for a short period of time.  As a gemologist, and someone who has been in the fine jewelry industry, she was used to having all of her jewelry custom made.  When we met she wanted to recreate her long pearl necklace that had broken in to a shorter, more elegant design.  My goal was to find an unusual clasp that would make the necklace look more contemporary than just a traditional design.

I searched around the fine jewelry market and found this unique gold clasp that can be used for pearls as well as other beads.  I had the pearls professionally strung so they lay perfectly straight on the neck.

She loves the pearls and now she can wear them more often.

Tip:  When you take off your pearls wipe them down with a shammy cloth or silk scarf to remove any excess oils that may discolor the pearls.  Lay them in a drawer, box, or pearl folder.

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