A Real Gold Find!

by silvermarc on November 4, 2019

I know a lot of people in the fine jewelry industry.  Most have expertise in a specific area.  Julie has a large Asian clientele, so she focuses on the specific tastes of her community.  Steve deals in antiques and collectibles.  Harry focuses on modern and contemporary jewelry.  Edward is in high end antique pieces as well as fine gemstones.  Rick and Joe are diamond dealers.  And I know many more.

I met a lovely woman through a networking event about a year ago.  We had a nice conversation and exchanged information.  She began receiving and reading my blog, while simultaneously watching the price of gold.  She saw the price was going up – and up – and she decided recently that it was time to sell.  We got together and inventoried her collection.  It was quite extensive, including a pocket watch, some charms, and some other interesting and unique items.

Now most appraisers might just take the bag of gold jewelry and give it to a refiner and plop it on the scale and take what they can get for it.  But not me.  Because I have this wide network of dealers and experts in the industry, I took this collection and pulled it apart.  I sold the pieces individually, walking them from dealer to dealer.  At one dealer I met a nice customer of hers – the dealer didn’t want the piece  I was selling but the customer admired it enough to buy it from me.  You just never know where the business will come from!  By selling the lot piecemeal I was able to get more money for my client than I would have by just taking it to a refinery.  And since one piece – the gold pocket watch which had been her grandfathers – was unable to fetch a price she was happy with, I had it fixed and returned it to her so she could continue to enjoy this family heirloom.

I am always transparent with my clients.  I’ll let you know when it is the right time to sell – or if your jewelry should be pulled apart and sold in pieces – or if it might be a collectible or designer piece.  I will always endeavor to get the best price for you, and I will show you an itemized account of what the pieces sold for and what my commission is.  My client was so happy with the process that she came back with more items to sell, and a great referral for me.

Tip:  Selling your jewelry through a retailer means they take a percentage.  The less hands your jewelry passes through the better price you’ll get.  Call me if you have any questions about selling your jewelry!


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