A Personal Touch for the Manhattan Lawyer

by silvermarc on April 19, 2013

I recently started working with a dynamic young Manhattanite who was a partner in a law firm and the busy mother of two who loved jewelry but didn’t have the time to update her collection. One day she asked me to look at a jewelry box full of necklaces and earrings she could no longer enjoy for many reasons. She was at a total loss on where to start to address the problem: Why was it impossible for her to still wear what were once cherished designs? “Jane,” she said to me in exasperation, “what do you think would be the best solution?”

As I looked over her treasures, I could immediately see simple answers in case after case. After years as a gemologist, my main strength for many of my clients is the ability to re-craft jewelry to create a signature statement that fits their changing lifestyle and current needs. In this case, I started with a strand of pearls. The lawyer told me that she had been given these little seed pearls as a young girl, but she had no idea what to do with them now. I did.

I took them to a pearl dealer and quickly found the perfect solution: There’s a design that Tiffany carries that requires a 7mm Akoya pearl that is set in the middle of much smaller seed pearls to create a stylish design. My skill was in matching the seed pearls in my client’s necklace with the perfect larger Akoya – and the result was recreating her forgotten childhood treasure into a modern professional woman’s signature design. She fell in love with it!

The lawyer also pulled out a once cherished pearl ring from the jewelry box. The pearl had fallen out a long time ago. My challenge was to find the perfect fleur-de- lys pearl that could be reset in the ring and then polish it to make the stunning setting look like new. It was another instant classic.

Next she showed me a “Jewish Star” – a Magen David. She wasn’t wearing it because the clasp was broken. This was simple – I saw right away that it just needed to be soldered and polished and it was beautiful once more, to her delight.

Another “easy fix” was a ring she had worn so long that the shape no longer was round, making it unwearable. I knew that I just needed to reshape it and a “lost treasure” was restored.

A two-tone necklace she loved was too short. I added additional gold to the back link – it just needed about two inches to make it perfect so she could immediately enjoy it again.

I also addressed problems my client had with a gift of long pearls from her husband that were outdated, as well as earrings that she no longer wore and an outdated diamond ring and diamond pendant — all were repurposed into beautiful new designs using my vast experience in the industry and wide contacts. Everything was accomplished quickly and produced stunning jewelry my client was delighted to wear.

I am so thrilled that I am able to quickly win the confidence of clients like my young Manhattan lawyer, who trust my taste and realize that I know what I’m talking about. I help them create a signature look without having to run all over town. Some clients have even requested jewelry that I’m wearing – another way I can make it easy for them!


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