A Gift From Her Favorite Aunt

by silvermarc on April 2, 2018

My client was gifted a ring from her favorite aunt.  The ring was in a platinum setting with two diamonds, one on each side, but with no center gem.

She wanted to keep her aunt close so the best design for her was to create a necklace that would be close to her heart.  Creating the diamond setting was easy, finding an unusual necklace was a little more difficult.  Through my many connections in the fine jewelry market, I found this unique necklace that compliments her two diamonds.

Now she wears it everyday.  What a wonderful memory!

Tip:  You should take off your jewelry every day and put it in the same place so you can find it easily.  Also, if you must bathe with your jewelry on, please have it cleaned regularly so soap doesn’t get caught inside the design.

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