A Diamond Ring for a Special Birthday

by silvermarc on January 8, 2018

I was referred to this lovely client who was celebrating a special birthday.  When we met, she wanted to recreate her diamond engagement ring in to a new and contemporary setting.  She knew that she wanted a white gold ring, so together I helped her to create a unique ring to fit her style.  

First and foremost, I had to remove the diamonds from her original ring and evaluate them for size, color and clarity.  Once I determined the gemologic components, we created a wax model to custom fit her diamonds.  My client wanted to see the wax model so I traveled to her office so she could try it on before we made the ring.  Great!  She loved it!

So the next step was to cast the ring in gold and set the diamonds.  The finished ring has a round center diamond set in a square setting surrounded by smaller round diamonds.

She enjoys wearing her ring every day.

Tip:  To clean your diamonds use a solution of ammonia, mild soap, and water.  Rinse your jewelry in water.  If you have a whistling tea kettle, hold your jewelry over the steam as the water boils to help clean the dirt from between the crevices.

Better yet – I can have your jewelry professionally cleaned.  Contact me!

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