“I have had the delight of recently working with Jane Becker.  I asked Jane to design a piece of jewelry, sell sterling silver pieces from an estate, precious stone and gold jewelry manufactured by my late husband, and gold and silver scraps and pieces from my husband’s business. Within two days she had a check for the sterling and excellent offers for me for the jewelry and scraps.  A lovely, trustworthy and honest woman – an absolute pleasure to do business with.” 

                                                                             – Phyllis G. Pawlovsky, New York, NY
“We met with Jane about week before my daughter’s wedding to discuss if it was possible to wear the diamonds she inherited from her grandmother in a new setting on her wedding day. (It also happened to be the week before Xmas and New Years). Jane said “Anything is possible!”  She came with catalogues and we viewed websites together for comparison and inspiration. Jane remarkably worked within our budget and expertly advised us. The next day she forwarded us a few earring settings based on our meeting. We chose one of the beautiful settings — and to our amazement and great joy — it was ready three days before the wedding! It was stunning and my daughter was thrilled. We are extremely grateful to Jane for expediting this project and guiding her team to make this possible. Her commitment, positive energy and devotion is unparalleled.               
                                                                                             -PW, New York, NY

“Jane Becker is the consummate professional: experienced and knowledgeable, with a keen appreciation for detail. Her exemplary customer service and open-hearted approach insure client satisfaction. I highly recommend J.B. Jewels for “baubles” large and small.”
                                                                        – Marcie S. Gitlin, New York, NY

“I was going to surprise my wife for her birthday by rebuilding her damaged wedding band, which obviously has great sentimental value.  When I met with Jane, she was organized and helpful, explaining every step of the process and providing me with several options affecting the cost and the timing to get the project done right.  When she took possession of the ring she provided me with a receipt and let me know how it would be stored during the process, which gave me immense comfort.  Throughout the process Jane sent me multiple emails to keep me up to speed on the status of things and the expected completion date.  All this without my asking her to do so.  The finished product was, of course, magnificent and made my wife very happy. I would recommend Jane to anyone and everyone.  Trust, Value and Professionalism are hard to come by.”

                                                                         – Gary Eisenberg, Attorney

“Jane is a talented jeweler with the natural skill of an artist.  My grandmother’s antique crystal earrings had been sitting in a drawer after I lost a post and had no clue how to fix it. She replaced the post and polished the crystals and it was a chance to rediscover the joy of long-ago memories again. I’m looking forward to working with her on other broken treasures I had just put aside.”

– Janet Andrew, Communications Consultant