Jane Becker


jbecker headshot Jane Becker, founder of JB Jewels, is a talented jewelry designer and gemologist. She specializes in transforming heirloom and beloved jewelry into a customized work of art that fits her clients’ lifestyle. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in the business—on both the sales and manufacturing side–Jane has developed her own signature process for creating beautiful, wearable new memories in gold and stone.

Simply stated, Jane specializes in redesigning gold and gemstones. She appraises your jewelry. She recreates heirloom pieces. How does she work? Jane goes to a client’s home or office with a sketchpad and, after looking at a piece of jewelry, starts creating what the client wants and will lovingly wear.“ My process is very unique,” Jane explains. “I’ve been told repeatedly that no one else is that personal in their work.” Jane takes pride in her distinctive talent for recreating jewelry into artwork for the 21st Century.

In fact, Jane’s passion for the jewelry industry goes back to a childhood fascination with the minerals and rocks she found along the Hudson River near her Inwood home in upper Manhattan. That love of nature resulted in a concentration in Geology as an undergraduate at the City University of New York, and then dual certification in color stones and diamond grading from the Gemological Institute of America. Finally came years of experience with powerhouse retailers like Barney’s, H. Stern and Bloomingdale’s, and also time spent in prestigious firms in the diamond district of Manhattan where she learned the manufacturing side of the industry.

Jane insists that the greatest reward in her work comes when she makes customers smile by helping restore a favorite heirloom brooch or when she finds an engaged couple the perfect diamond ring – resulting in tears of joy. Jane Becker’s guarantee: If any jewelry is not something she herself would wear, Jane will not sell or deliver it to her clients.