Brazilian Gems

by Jane Becker on March 5, 2018

Has this ever happened to you?

You go on a great vacation, do some shopping and come back with something that you know you will wear.  Years later the earrings, gems or clothing are still sitting in your drawer.

Well this happened to one of my clients.  She went to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be exact, and bought several gems planning on giving them to her mother.  Turns out her mom didn’t like the gems she chose, so they sat in her drawer for ten years.

When we met, she showed me the gemstones and I immediately knew what I could make with them: two square blue topaz, perfect for a pair of earrings.

Once we decided on a design, I created these one-of-a-kind blue topaz and diamond earrings.

Let me know what you have in your drawer that needs to be designed into a great piece of jewelry.

Tip:  Have your jewelry checked annually to insure that all the gems and diamonds are tight and secure.  Call me for help!


A New Design of an Old Favorite

by Jane Becker on February 5, 2018

I met a lovely woman who was looking for a very specific gold and diamond necklace.  Her husband and she looked all over New York City to find this specific style but couldn’t find it.  Months later she met me!  I was able to take her silver necklace and recreate it in to a gold and diamond piece.  Using blue wax, gold, and diamonds I recreated the exact shape of the silver necklace.  

During our conversations she admired my lime citrine necklace and asked me to produce that for her as well.  We used a rose quartz gem and fresh water pearls to create this one of a kind necklace.

Here are the beautiful necklaces that she continues to wear today and for many years to come.

Tip:  To keep your necklaces looking new, store them in a flat jewelry box.


A Diamond Ring for a Special Birthday

January 8, 2018

I was referred to this lovely client who was celebrating a special birthday.  When we met, she wanted to recreate her diamond engagement ring in to a new and contemporary setting.  She knew that she wanted a white gold ring, so together I helped her to create a unique ring to fit her style.   First […]

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Lesley’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

December 4, 2017

A good friend of mine referred me to his brother who wanted to get engaged and create a unique ring for his girlfriend.  Bob and I spoke several times about the design that he wanted.  He chose one of my designs, the only issue was that he lives in California and I am here in […]

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Emerald and Diamond Ring

November 13, 2017

I was recently contacted by a lovely woman who inherited several pieces of jewelry.  My client preferred that I travel to her home to appraise each item.  She told me that most of the jewelry was not her style and wanted to sell it, but there was one special emerald and diamond ring that she […]

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Winter 2013-2014

March 11, 2014

As we endure one of the coldest and slushiest winters in recent memory, I was so happy to once again create a warm and sparkling respite for the public at my annual event at the Terrace Club overlooking Rockefeller Center. For those who missed it, I introduced an exciting new twist. I sent out an […]

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Annual Jewelry Show

April 19, 2013

As the year rushes to a close, I hope you’ll pause a moment as I share some of my holiday excitement by recapturing special moments for you from my Annual Jewelry Show at the Doncaster Showroom. If you missed it, let me describe the work of some extraordinary designers, offered at amazing discounts. First off, […]

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A Personal Touch for the Manhattan Lawyer

April 19, 2013

I recently started working with a dynamic young Manhattanite who was a partner in a law firm and the busy mother of two who loved jewelry but didn’t have the time to update her collection. One day she asked me to look at a jewelry box full of necklaces and earrings she could no longer […]

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