Emerald and Diamond Ring

by Jane Becker on November 13, 2017

I was recently contacted by a lovely woman who inherited several pieces of jewelry.  My client preferred that I travel to her home to appraise each item.  She told me that most of the jewelry was not her style and wanted to sell it, but there was one special emerald and diamond ring that she loved. 

She wanted me to design a new and contemporary piece out of her ring.  Her style is simple and elegant, so I drew three distinct necklace designs that she could choose from. We used the emerald and some of the diamonds for the necklace and with some of the extra diamonds I created matching diamond earrings.  We sold the gold from the pieces she did not want which covered the total cost of creating her new jewelry.

Several months later, her daughter got engaged and wanted to create a new diamond wedding band.  We used several of the diamonds from the same emerald ring to create her wedding band.

Out of one ring we created three distinct pieces of jewelry.

Appraisals were given for the necklace, earrings, the ring, and several pieces of jewelry that I repaired.  This appraisal can be used for insurance purposes.

Tip: when caring for your emeralds never put them in any cleaning solution as it will draw the natural oils away from the emerald and ruin the gem.

Contact me on how to care for your emeralds.



Winter 2013-2014

by Jamie Pirowskin on March 11, 2014

As we endure one of the coldest and slushiest winters in recent memory, I was so happy to once again create a warm and sparkling respite for the public at my annual event at the Terrace Club overlooking Rockefeller Center. For those who missed it, I introduced an exciting new twist. I sent out an invitation after the Annual Jewelry Show at Club Quarters inviting my clients to wear one of the custom pieces of jewelry I had designed for them. In return, they would get a free gift.

I was so pleased that many attendees found it was a delightful idea – since it was my desire to inspire everyone to show off their favorite designs. It was also a chance to let clients experience the uniqueness of their jewels — once I make an item of jewelry and give it to the customer, it becomes a singular design. My free gifts were also custom-made that day. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this year’s annual event one of the best ever.

Reflecting on the cold again, I often think that as a native New Yorker, the beautiful moments of winter really fire my imagination in a special way. Among my latest unique creations this year was a stunning rhodolite garnet and baroque pearl necklace. I especially like the uniqueness of the barque pearl, which is unevenly shaped so that each one is different.

Finally, this year’s Valentine’s Day may be over, but remember in the future that it is the perfect opportunity to give your Valentine something truly original that comes from the heart.

My tip of the month: Pearls should never be put on after spraying hairspray or perfume – always make sure your hair and skin is dry. And once you take the pearls off, wipe them down with a soft cloth to absorb any oil that might have been deposited on them that day. Few of my clients are aware of the fragility of pearls and I enjoy helping them keep their treasures pristine with proper care so that they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Annual Jewelry Show

April 19, 2013

As the year rushes to a close, I hope you’ll pause a moment as I share some of my holiday excitement by recapturing special moments for you from my Annual Jewelry Show at the Doncaster Showroom. If you missed it, let me describe the work of some extraordinary designers, offered at amazing discounts. First off, […]

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A Personal Touch for the Manhattan Lawyer

April 19, 2013

I recently started working with a dynamic young Manhattanite who was a partner in a law firm and the busy mother of two who loved jewelry but didn’t have the time to update her collection. One day she asked me to look at a jewelry box full of necklaces and earrings she could no longer […]

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